All course meals are served with steamed rice, hibachi vegetables, spring mix salad with ginger dressing and our signature sauces.

Prices are per person.

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A chef cooks up to 30 people per event. If you have more than 30 people, we will have a second chef for you and an extra fee of $220 will be applied.

We can provide tables, chairs, linens and chair covers for $10/person.

Travel and set up will be finalized by the event address.

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  • Contact us. (Phone call/Text Message/Email us/Submit a form)
  • We confirm the event details with you and give you a quote.
  • You accept the quote and pay us the deposit.
  • We serve your event on the scheduled time and address.
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Celebrated my mom’s 60th birthday with family and amazing hibachi food in the comfort of the backyard. The process was super easy and the team was very communicative arranging it all. Our chef and server were very friendly and we all had an amazing dinner! Highly recommend!

Eric R.

Jan 21, 2023

This was an awesome dinner even, I had them out to cater my wife’s Birthday and the food was so good, the team is so professional and responsive on emails , call and text.
If your looking for catering option look no further search ends hear.

Parny M.

Dec 31, 2022

I absolutely 100% enjoyed having Hibachi Flame Catering serve and prepare at my birthday party. The chef and server were beyond accommodating and helpful and I am so appreciative of that. The table set up was amazing. All of my guests absolutely enjoyed the food and the service! I will forsure be booking them again for my future catering events! Thank you again.

Sheila E.

Oct 4, 2022


Hibachi Flame Catering, top-rated hibachi catering service in Southern California, offers you an unforgettable hibachi experience with our experienced private hibachi chefs and high-quality food. Hibachi Flame Catering will make your event shine.