Blended Cuisines, Sushi Catering, and More: The Top Catering Trends of 2022 to Book for Your Next Corporate Event

Are you struggling to find suitable catering for your event? Perhaps you thought about sushi catering, hibachi catering, or maybe even Italian for your corporate guests and coworkers. When it comes to catering, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you’re struggling to decide on what catering to schedule for your next event, one way to decide to examine the trends.


In 2022, numerous new trends—and some old—have resurfaced in the catering industry. No matter what kind of event you have planned, these ideas can be exciting and unique ways to satisfy your guests while implementing some new trends from the culinary world. Here are the top ten trends in the catering industry today for 2022 that you can use for your next function.


The Top Trending Catering Ideas for Events in 2022


#1: Flexitarian and Vegetarian


One of the most popular catering trends is to purchase dishes that are flexitarian or vegetarian. With the rise of many individuals looking to be more health conscious and environmentally friendly, flexitarians still provide many of the same delicious dishes—including hibachi catering and more—but without meat or even dairy.


#2: Mocktails and Curated Specialty Drinks


Another fantastic idea is creating mocktails or curated specialty drinks. It is no longer just satisfying enough to have a bar or generic beverages available. Some people have even gone as far as creating mocktails for a buzz-free experience amongst their coworkers or wedding guests.


A curated specialty mocktail or cocktail can add unique personalization to your function for significant events!

#3: Take-Out Style Catering


One of the most significant trends is the rise of take-out style catering. Catering has become a lot like take-out because many people were looking for a way to social distance without relinquishing their planned weddings, corporate events, and more.


Even though the pandemic is over, this is still quite popular, and people enjoy having their own plates to enjoy alongside others.


#4: Unique Displays and Ways to Socially Distance and Eat


Aside from take-out style catering, the pandemic also gave rise to another significant trend: caterers using unique ways to socially distance people by using displays and individually presented dishes.


Catering is no longer about having massive trays of food but finding new ways to present dishes. Putting dishes in glass containers or grandiose, stunning displays might be for hygiene and safety, but it also makes people feel like VIPs when they attend your event.


#5: Blended Cuisines


Another significant trend is the rise of blended cuisines, which have been a substantial part of catering for quite some time. However, new blends have become more popularized. For example, some caterers have blended Italian and Japanese cuisine into one style, which they call “itameshi.”


In addition, people have blended hibachi catering, sushi catering, and numerous other styles with other cuisines.


#6: Fresh Seafood and Sushi Catering


Sushi catering has always been one of the most popular choices. With the right caterer, you can have a fantastic event with food that will get your guests excited about these healthy rolls.


Now, people have focused on unique, exceptional sources and experimenting different dishes. With sushi, it is all the more rewarding to book a caterer that not only sources fish from the right places, but also offers private sushi chefs for you to use at your disposal at the event.


#7: Street Food and Samplers


Another significant trend is the rise of street food and samplers for people to enjoy. Street food gives people a way to try different items without having an entire entree to finish. Caterers preparing street food items can produce dishes from Asian to Mexican cuisine, creating individually presented items people can eat while they network or chat amongst themselves. You can even hire a caterer to create hibachi catering samplers for your party.


#8: Nostalgia-Filled Dishes


Another significant trend has been the rise of nostalgia-filled dishes. Many of these familiar comfort foods have people feeling like they are back in the 1980s or 1990s. Think of this trend as upscaled childhood favorites.


Caterers today are constantly creating new and exciting ways to entertain people with nostalgic food that creates conversation and comfort. Even at a corporate event, these dishes can be a hit with the right crowd!


#9: Sustainable Catering


Sustainable catering is also a rather significant trend in the industry. With people so focused on climate change and global warming, sustainability has taken the forefront of many people’s minds across different sectors, catering included.


Sustainable catering means sourcing from suitable local materials and finding food sources that are healthy and beneficial for the environment rather than contributing to the problems our current generation faces. The best part of sustainable catering? There are numerous options and various cuisines that you can choose from!


#10: DIY Catering


The last trend is the rise of DIY catering. People, whether for wedding catering, private event catering, or any other event, have used DIY catering more recently, partially due to the pandemic. People typically order from a caterer, have it delivered or picked up, and then assemble it or have their guests make their dishes themselves.


Of course, this takes away the potential for a private chef, but it also provides people with the opportunity to create the custom dish they would like for their meal. In a post-pandemic world, many people are crazy about this concept!


What Catering Will You Book For Your Next Event?


There are numerous options and trends that you choose from for your catering at your next big event, but which one will you choose? We hope this provided you with some insight and some ideas. As a sushi catering and hibachi catering company, we hope to provide you with fantastic dishes that will wow your audience and only add to your event’s success.


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