How Hibachi Flame Catering Began

Hibachi Flame Catering was created in 2019 by experienced, professional hibachi chefs who dreamed of giving catering customers the most exceptional traditional hibachi experience. With outstanding food and the technical talent necessary to create an authentic hibachi experience, our team has provided fantastic customer experiences for the last four years and counting. Our continued success is rooted in our team’s dedication to high-quality food and the utilization of exceptional, traditional hibachi techniques.

Hibachi Flame Catering stands out due to our impressive technical culinary talents and dedication to delicious, healthy, outstanding food sources. Our private hibachi chefs ensure that the highest quality food items are chosen for each event. Over the years, we have supported events for small companies, parties, and even professional sports teams. No matter what event we may be supporting, our team of private hibachi chefs prepares food for guests as if they were preparing food for their families.

In 2022, Hibachi Flame Caterer was invited to cook hibachi food on CBS’s The Late Late Show with James Corden. Our chefs cooked delicious hibachi food and enjoyed our time sharing the wonder of Japanese cooking with everyone that night. No matter what party or event you may have in the future, we look forward to serving you the experience of a lifetime.


Top-Rated, High-Quality Hibachi Experience

Above all else, our mission at Hibachi Flame Catering is to provide our guests with the highest quality traditional hibachi experience. From the food we choose to the techniques we employ, we are careful about quality, and it shows. While cooking with a range of items, from Angus steak to Wagyu beef to exceptional seafood, we source from the best, just as our chefs learned from the top individuals in the industry. With Hibachi Flame Catering, we are true professionals focused on providing an experience to remember.

We choose premium foods at Hibachi Flame Catering because we value our customers, their health, and the experience we provide. Our Angus steak is sourced directly from high-quality ranchers providing the highest quality meat. Additionally, our Wagyu beef remains a favorite amongst customers because of its unique taste and quality and how well this meat pairs with many traditional hibachi dishes. Finally, our seafood options—lobster, shrimp, scallops, salmon, and more—provide guests with the freshest fish from the highest quality suppliers globally. Our mission is to provide a high-quality experience paired with premium, healthy meals that satiate and impress our customers.

With Hibachi Flame Catering, you receive top-notch quality and top-notch service. Our chefs cook for you as they would for their families, creating the experience of a lifetime. So, if you are genuinely looking for a memorable, tasty, but a healthy option for your catering needs, choose Hibachi Flame Catering to experience the deliciousness of traditional hibachi. When you book Hibachi Flame Catering, every meal is an experience of a lifetime.